About F&F Machine Products

F & F Screw Machine Products was first established in 1959 by Frank Fisher. Until the mid 90’s, almost all of the work that was done at F&F was for the musical instrument companies. Being a machine shop in the heart of Elkhart during the early 60’s, F&F became known for being able to supply quality parts at affordable prices, but more widely known for their ability to help with engineering and design changes, a practice that has been continued at F&F since it’s conception. After a major facility upgrade, F&F began to diversify their services.

In 2014, Leaders of F&F decided to change the name to F&F Machine Products because they offered many more products and services than screws.

F&F Machine Products is a machine shop with a huge variety of abilities and tools. Milling, CNC, Wire EDM, etc. F&F is set up to design, machine, and assemble many different projects.

Meet our Staff



Roger started in 1986 and learned how to set up Brown & Sharpe screw machines right away under the guidance of Blake Slack who Roger will say is a “Screw Machine Wizard”. Roger gives credit to the Lord for his God given talent in the screw machine and machining world.

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F&F Technician

Floyd is a very accomplished set up technician with Brown & Sharpe, CNC Swiss, CNC Lathe, CNC Mill and EDM Wire. Floyd is our main programmer. Floyd is also involved in every day business, quoting, customer service, quality and scheduling.

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Office Manager

Tammie is our Office Manager. She started with F & F Machine Products as a part-time employee in 2005 and became a full-time employee in 2006.  Her responsibilities include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Human Resource.

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Operations / Quality Manager

Chris is our Operations Manager. He leads our quality control systems and our day to day scheduling.

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